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MyCuddleBuddy is an innovative pet care service that offers a comprehensive pet assistance solution. Click on our services buttons to see what we offer or scroll down to Read more...

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Sign up and tell us why you want to become a cuddle buddy. We will offer you a training and, upon a successful exam, a certificate that will enable you to become a part of our network and start working as a cuddle buddy.

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To find somebody trustworthy and reliable to take care of one’s pet is essential to any pet parent. Here are the reasons why you should choose MyCuddleBuddy. Read More...

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Are you an animal lover looking for some pocket money while having fun around furry babies?Apply as a cuddle buddy!We offer professional training and secure payment system. Just download our app, register as MyCuddleBuddy and be a part of our animal loving team.

Social Responsability...

MyCuddleBuddy is part of Fur & Feathers, a responsible business that meets the highest standards of ethics and professionalism.

For more information click on following link and read about our social responsibility.