Welcome to Amwaj Islands resident pet database

Losing our fur babies can be a traumatic and even tragic event for both the owner and the pet.
We all regularly see the cries for help looking for a lost dog and questions if anyone knows who's cat this is.... Social media is covered with pictures of lost and found pets.

To be able to reunite lost pets quickly Amwaj management now urges the residents to register their pet in the Amwaj Pet database. It is free and the registration only takes minutes to complete. Pets that do not already have a microchip will receive an RFID tag free of charge. Read more…

Please register today, it is free and may one day be the best thing you did today.

For more info to obtain a microchip and RFID tag, please call us at +97336464586 or email us on inge@mycuddlebuddy.com